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The Brief History of Manipur Culture

The Brief History of Manipur Culture

The culture of Manipur is as exotic and ancient as the state itself. It is a perfect colorful mixture of the rich customs, the traditional cuisines.

Manipur, a beautiful northeastern state of India, boasts of a rich culture. In the company of vibrant dances and music, the Manipuris find ample of reasons in their fairs & festivals for celebration. Though the lovely people are superstitious sometimes, their belief in religion and customs is certainly creditable. The people of Manipur Culture are very creative and their artistic abilities are best seen in their handloom & handicrafts.

The culture of Manipur Culture has also been part of the Indian culture as a whole. Manipur has an own identity of itself which can be seen in their art and culture that they present to the world proudly. The love of art and the culture of the people here is inherent among the people of Manipur and one will not be able to find a girl of a boy who does not know the famous Manipuri Culture dance or the traditional folk art and songs. Their rich culture and the centuries old tradition can also be depicted in their handloom woven clothes and the handicrafts that they make till date. The people of Manipur easily project their Manipur culture in the various dances and music. Music and dance are an integral part of the tribal life of the people here.

Manipur Culture

Manipur Culture


Manipur people comprise of various sects, including Meitei, Naga, Kuki, Meitei Pangal and other colorful communities. For centuries these people have lived together peacefully, however, each ethnic group has its own distinctive culture and traditions. In far-flung villages, tribals still live while enjoying their lives to the most. Here people follow their own religions, but respect each other’s customs at the same time.


Religions form the backbone of the society in Manipur. Being mostly inhabited by the tribals, the state has numerous followers of animism. The customs of these people have been generally cropped out of superstitions. Besides animism, there are many people in the state who follow different religions, like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, etc.


Manipuri is the official language of the state of Manipur. The Manipuri language is popularly known as Meiteilon. It is the majorly spoken and written language in the state. The Meiteilon language is a part of the Kuki-Chin group of languages, which falls in the Burma-Tibetan language family.The Manipuri language use 6 vowels and 15 consonants. The ancient Meiteilon language with the influence of other local languages has developed to the modern Manipuri language, we know today. The English and other Indo-Aryan languages that have Sanskrit as their origin is also influenced Meiteilon to a certain extent.


This state observes numerous fairs & festivities, keeping the cheerfulness alive in its people. There are many cultural, social and religious festivals that keep up different aspirations. Some of the important festivals of Manipur are Dol Jatra, Rath Jatra, Lai-Haraoba, Ramjan ID, KUT, Gang-Ngai, Chumpha, Christmas, Cheiraoba, Heikru Hidongba, Ningol Chakouba, Lui_Ngai_Ni, and Kwak Jatra.

Manipur Festivals

Manipur Festivals


The former Manipuri fine dining was exactly a ‘sit-down’ affair, along with banana-leaf plates. Rice forms the staple diet of people. Manipuri cuisine is rich in non-vegetarian delicacies. Whether meat or fish, rice is consumed liberally by one and all. Kabok, a rich traditional specialty, is actually fried rice with lots of vegetables. Iromba is another fermented delicacy, which is actually an eclectic combination of fish, vegetables and bamboo shoots.

Manipur Handicrafts

The people of Manipur are natureal craftsmen and their skilled hands are the creators of some of the most exquisite handicrafts of Manipur.Handicrafts of Manipur include a wide range of products that are unique to the place. The genuine flair of the artistic people is best manifested in the handicrafts of Manipur. The handicrafts of Manipur are also a major attraction for the tourists who visit this North Eastern Indian State.

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